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If you try your best, You can always be better

Hey there! My name is Nadia, former Family Lawyer from Ukraine, competitive athlete turned life & fitness coach . As a Professional Certified Life Coach with the Life Coaching Institute, I show you how to add the most important ingredients to your life to reach success in all you do.

My promise to you is getting you unstuck, pushing away the fog, and illuminating your own path; reinforcing your ability to show up, step up, and stay in the game to realize your vision.

A Little Backstory

At the age of 30, I moved to California from Ukraine. Not knowing who I was, not speaking the language, never driven a car before, jobless, and extremely insecure, I needed to start my life from scratch. I practiced Family Law in Ukraine for 11 years but never felt that I meant to do this long-term. I felt like I had failed at life and had no idea what my purpose was or if I even had the strength to keep going. I had absolutely no support from my family in making a decision to emigrate to California.

But, deep down, I knew I had something to give to this world. My first year in California was spent in San Diego where I found myself struggling to find meaning and purpose in my new life. I was struggling with low self-esteem back home so after finding myself in the new country, having a Strong Accent and Language Barrier; it was very uncomfortable for a former lawyer who was used to being heard and understood by others. One day I asked myself: “Ok dear, what’s next?!” And my internal voice said “Well, how about beginning with Believing in yourself again?”

I started my Fitness Journey with a subconscious intent to better myself so I can be accepted and liked by others. Yes, I know it might sound crazy, but it’s true. Within 5 years, I competed in 11 shows across the country and won 1st Places and Overall Champion Titles. I had a fit body and dominated the competition stage. However, as soon as I got off of my athletic bodybuilding lifestyle, I would start struggling with low motivation, low self-esteem, and bad body image. It seemed that my Mental Health was an issue. I was able to change my Body BUT I was not able to change my Mind.

It was time to ask myself that question again: “What’s next my Dear?” And this time, my inner voice said “Use your Most powerful Tool: Your brain”. I began to immerse myself in every self-help book I could find. This eventually led me down the path of self-studying books on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and becoming an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach certified  through EDIT Level 1-3. I studied The Power of Subconsciousness and its influence on our every day life. My life has turned 360 Degrees since then.

After 10 years of my personal transformation, my coaching now focuses on Self Development, Brain Health, and Healthy Relationship with Nutrition. My purpose is to help you MASTER YOUR MINDSET, TAP INTO YOUR TRUE POWER, AND BECOME YOUR BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

My Mission Going Forward...

Today, I continue to transform the lives of people, but with a serious upgrade. After 10 years in development, through years of my own transformation , my coaching now focuses on long-term goal setting, to help find and reach your maximum potential.

You are strong enough and powerful enough to go after your dreams! Life is meant to be lived with fulfillment, meaningful impact, and joy.

“Doing more” is not the answer. It takes building your life around what is important to you, so you are experiencing the “more” you know life holds for you.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve, how much you enjoy life, and how energized by life you can feel.